The quality of information technology and systems has become a key factor for the success and profit of a business. It is necessary to develop a security policy that guarantees...


The Digital Economy and the Internet

Today, no one would doubt the penetration of the Digital Economy and the Internet in our society. The presence of organizations on the Internet is evolving from its origin as a mere vehicle for information to being a tool companies can use for sales and management and also to relate to their customers and anybody they work with. [+]

Information security

The legal changes that prescribe the implementation safety measures to protect information, the proliferation of “hacking” and viruses, the growing extension of the companies’ networks and their integration with the Internet and its massive use, make a permanent vigilance of the security of the systems necessary. [+]


All types of business require a communications network that is effective, reliable, fast and has sufficient capacity to allow the business to develop. It has to permit access to all agents involved in the daily activities of the business and guarantee the safety of data and the control of their use. [+]

System Integration

The technological requirements that support an organization’s procedures demand high security and reliability. Integration is a continuous challenge for all organizations, one innovation is quickly followed by another shortening the lifespan of investments. [+]
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