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The publisher’s shop, a solution for publishing houses

I-Systems has developed a commercial solution for publishing houses, the Publisher’s Shop, into which Plataforma e-Books is also integrated. It is designed to facilitate direct online selling to publishing houses that either have not implemented their own electronic commerce, or are considering the substitution of their current solution by a more comprehensive platform that will allow them to sell their backlists, in electronic or print format, more safely.

The Publisher’s Shop (i-Seditorial) can be adapted to the publisher’s specific profile: image (logo, color, display of book covers), structuring of the backlist (categories, collections, new releases), or marketing and communication (news module). Once the specific needs of each case have been implemented, its simple and intuitive management permits a dynamic updating of the contents through a basic content manager, making it easy to introduce changes and novelties and organize the webpage to the publisher’s convenience.

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