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Internet solutions are no longer a mere vehicle for information but are becoming a sales and management tool for enterprises.

The Digital Economy and the Internet

Today, no one would doubt the penetration of the Digital Economy and the Internet in our society. The presence of organizations on the Internet is evolving from its origin as a mere vehicle for information to being a tool companies can use for sales and management and also to relate to their customers and anybody they work with.

I-Systems accompanies and supports subscribers through the entire process of being present on the Internet. We design and plan strategies of change and execute those actions that offer the highest guarantees of success on this environment. This way we implement innovative processes and new business models for those companies ready to adapt to the new digital context, the network society.

I-Systems’s professionals, who have a long experience in the Internet sector, support subscribers during the process of strategy definition and development of their presence on the Internet and help them with the permanent maintenance of their systems and applications. Our aim is always to achieve the maximum profit for your investment and the optimal adaptation of your business model to the Internet.

Among the e commerce applications developed by I-Systems are corporate portals, electronic commerce, customer management or online publication, facilitating a quick and expert response to the subscribers’ the needs and requirements. Open and optimized solutions that work on all devices.

We install business process platforms (BMPS, CRM, SCM, etc.) and their integration into the resources offered by the Internet

We offer consultancy on the new Internet business models, facilitating the integration of organizations in the Internet, communication and marketing and their presence in social networks.


Strategic and business consultancy

  • Strategies for planning Internet presence
  • Definition of e-business positioning
  • Creation of business plans based on the Internet channel
  • Adaptation of Business Process Management, purchases, sales, production, etc. to the different actors: suppliers, (SCM, B2B), customers (B2C, B2B, CRM); employees (B2E), public administration (A2B, A2P) and partners (b2B), etc.
  • E-marketing 2.0 and on line communication.

Development of e-commerce solutions

  • Development and integration of e-business systems (BMP, ERP, SCM, CRM, BI, ECM, B2B, B2C, B2E...) and corporate portals, Intranet and Extranet, social networks, etc.
  • Design , development and maintenance of websites
  • Comprehensive e-commerce systems
  • Development of applications and mobile services
  • Adaptation of systems and processes to the Internet
  • 2.0. web tools designed for the enterprise
  • Platform for the sale of electronic books and magazines
  • Publishing services and development of multi-device electronic publications
  • Adaptation of the website to the accessibility code
  • Development of documentary systems and e-learning
  • 2.0. e-marketing and online communication
  • High availability hosting and housing
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