Integración de Sistemas 
The security of the information technology and systems has become a key factor for the success and profitability of a business.

Information security

Ongoing changes in our environment, fast changes in the technological development or the need to integrate new systems and applications are often the source of important slips in the security of an organization. The legal changes that prescribe the implementation safety measures to protect information, the proliferation of “hacking” and viruses, the growing extension of the companies’ networks and their integration with the Internet and its massive use, make a permanent vigilance of the security of the systems necessary.

All these factors make it every day more difficult for companies to have sufficient resources and up to date knowhow to allow them detect weaknesses that make their systems vulnerable, and adopt measures necessary to avert possible dangers. However, it is not enough to introduce technical means to safeguard the data privacy. The rules of protection need to be defined as well, the regulations regarding the use of systems, disaster recovery plans, etc.

The quality of information technology and systems has become a key factor for the success and profit of a business. It is necessary to develop a security policy that guarantees protection against severe economic losses, damage to public image, break of law, or information leaks.

I-Systems puts at the disposal of subscribers the knowhow and the technological capacities for the management of the entire security requirements of the organization. We offer solutions and overall security, with the added value of a personalized service and design, and the large experience of our team of professionals, who have internationally recognized security certificates and are specialized in the research and development of security solutions for information technologies and systems and the presence and activities of organizations on the Internet.



  • Corporate security plans
  • Security policy
  • Risk analysis
  • Business continuity plans
  • Forensic analysis
  • Safe corporate netorks
  • Perimeter security solutions
  • Authentication systems
  • Antivirus policies
  • Digital certificate solutions
  • Backup policies
  • Disaster and incident consultancy
  • Dashoard installation


  • Assessment of the security of information systems
  • Comprehensive vulnerability analysis
  • Internal and ExternaL intrusión test
  • Service denegation test
  • DMZ Audit
  • Web audit
  • Communication audit
  • Internal web Audit
  • Firewall test
  • Application analysis


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