I-Systems becomes the partner and ally of subscribers to help them achieve their organization’s aims


All types of business require a communications network that is effective, reliable, fast and has sufficient capacity to allow the business to develop. It has to permit access to all agents involved in the daily activities of the business and guarantee the safety of data and the control of their use.

I-Systems and subscribers work together on the design of communications, corporate network and web connection. We consider the particular aspects of the work process of each organization, the technology that is most adequate and the optimization of resources and investments.


Connectivity and storage services

  • Quality tailored hosting
  • Private virtual servers.
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Dedicated servers
  • Corporate email
  • Tailored services with high availability systems, 24 h security, safe power, supported by redundant UPS and back up generators, state of the art fire prevention and extinction technologies, with controlled temperature and humidity, double cable entry, etc.
  • Autonomous Internet system (AS) and LIR (Local Internet Registry).
  • Multiple Internet connectivity through various international carriers

Network engineering

  • Telecommunications consultancy
  • Network audit
  • Project analysis with assessment and survey of the physical environment, extension of the network, number of users, redundancy, security, technological requirements, equipment, compatibleness, growth, etc.
  • Selection of technological architectures
  • Design of IPv6 communication networks, private IP telephone networks, etc.
  • Network security


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